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About Us

Our idea is simple – get the high-quality item you want, in new condition for less.

Our curated marketplace brings buyers and sellers together to aid the sale of high-quality, desirable and collectable products that are either in brand new condition or that are completely unused.

We strive to earn your trust by providing a safe and secure environment in which to transact with each other.

Our community is designed for those who want high quality products. It is because we are a curated marketplace that we are able to be selective in the products we bring to you. We are enthusiasts of the high-quality approach to lifestyle and only want to provide you with products that meet highest standards. This will include build quality, the high quality materials used in their manufacture, the best design and the best functionality. We will always try to bring you the best possible products available.

All items bought through our platform are subject to our verification and authentication process. This means that each and every item goes through a rigorous inspection process where it is checked, assessed, verified and authenticated to give both the buyer and the seller peace of mind. This process does mean that delivery times are usually a little longer but we believe this is worth it for the assurance that it gives you.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that each item purchased on the Sold On marketplace arrives exactly as it was described. It is important that each order made through us meets our buyer’s expectations.