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 Shipping Process

 Items that are shipped from the seller via Sold On have an estimated 7-12 days delivery time.

Items that are sold directly by Sold On have a 3-5 days delivery time.


Preparing an item for shipment

When preparing your item for dispatch please make sure it is clean and free of dust, this includes the original packaging.

As many of the items purchased on our site are of a collectable nature and therefore the original packaging condition can be equally important, we request that the product (including it’s original packaging) is placed in a suitably strong cardboard box and is internally adequately protected. As well as receiving the entire product in excellent condition, this measure also ensures that the rate of returns are kept to a minimum. If an item is received in a damaged condition, we cannot guarantee compensation.

Please include any and all accessories and documentation that came with the product.

You must ship your product within 2 working days from time of sale. This is a strict rule to ensure the item can be processed by us and received by the buyer in good time. Failure to do so will lead to an unsatisfied customer and the possibility of the transaction being cancelled.

Download and print your shipping label or show your QR code at drop-off.

Shipping Fees

 Once purchased the item is sent from the seller to Sold On for verification and authenticity checks. Once the item has passed this process it is sent on to the buyer. Because of this the shipping cost is shared by both the buyer and the seller.

Our shipping rates are some of the most competitive on the market and are pre-calculated prior to listing. We will always try to achieve the best possible shipping prices. Inclusive in every shipment is confirmation of delivery and transport cover.

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