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Behringer Odyssey

Dual-Oscillator Analog Synthesizer


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The Behringer Odyssey is undoubtedly among their most requested classic analog synth releases. Modelled on the legendary ARP synthesizer of the ‘70s, it goes a step further to offer a combination of classic dual-oscillator sound and advanced modern functionality.


Key Features

– Distinct fader-based control panel for real-time interaction
– 37 Full-Size Keys for easy playability
– Dual VCOs offer classic ‘70s fatness
– 3-Way Multi-Mode VCFs for advanced sound sculpting
– 32-Step Sequencer for intuitively weaving complex textures
– Built-in arpeggiator for instant retro synth parts
– World-class Klark Teknik FX built-in


Dual VCO, 3-way VCF

As you’d expect, the Odyssey features an all-analog signal path. This more or less begins with a classic dual-oscillator configuration. Sawtooth, square/pulse with pulse-width modulation, or sine/square wave LFO offer the ultimate analog tonal palette.
Next up, an incredibly powerful 3-way filter allows you to sculpt your tone to no end. Choose from 2-pole, 4-pole MkII and 4-pole MkIII, with faders for cutoff, resonance and HPF frequency. Finally, a drive switch allows you to tip it over the edge for more cutting, aggressive sounds.


37-note semi-weighted keybed

The built-in 37-note keybed makes the Odyssey a wholly playable synth. Great for hefty basslines and tweeting leads alike, its semi-weighted design makes it familiar and responsive – essential for a great performance.
If you want to take a step back from the performance and focus on sound and dynamics, don’t worry. Behringer have included a 32-step sequencer and an arpeggiator to boot. Program complex sequences, ostinatos or moving textural arpeggios and let the sound carry you away!

The final piece of the puzzle is the built in selection of Klark Teknik selection of effects. The legendary british company have produced many of the industry-standard reverbs and effects over the years – and the Odyssey comes with them included! Choose from reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and multi-effects, all in glorious 24-bit!





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