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Pioneer DJ PLX-1000

Direct Drive Turntable


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Club ready

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or an audiophile, you’ll love the club-grade build of the Pioneer PLX-1000 Direct Drive Turntable. It’s precisely engineered with vibration damping and a rubber-lined tone arm, so you’ll get a clear sound in loud clubs without any feedback.
And all the cables are detachable – super handy when moving to another venue with all your gear.

Excellent sound design

With a high-torque direct drive, you’ll get that stable rotation you need for impressive sound quality. Beat match your music with the help of pitch control. Or change the tempo to fit the groove, then change it back with a single click of the reset button – you’ll be everyone’s go-to vinyl guru.

Convert your records to digital

We love records, but they’re not very practical when you’re on the go. The PLX-1000 features a USB port so you can convert your whole LP collection to digital. You’ll be able to preserve your rare record collection or enjoy that warm vinyl sound from anywhere.





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